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Our Services



Delivering a reliable customer service is one of the most important things that every business must ensure of. This aspect of the business is considered as one of the key factors in building a strong consumer base and ensuring loyalty from them.

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Choosing to start a business with us allows you to acquire 24/7 assistance for your customer needs. We have a team of trained and experienced call center agents who will deal with your multilingual BPO needs. Rest assured that our customer service is delivered with the use of our world-class facilities, communication strategies and management approaches. With our team of language-proficient agents, you are guaranteed that your customers do not only receive utmost care that keeps the tone and image of your brand. TeleNile LLC does not just provide you with your need for a reliable inbound and outbound call center . We deliver the customer service need in a manner that also upholds your brand’s image.

aq_block_1-E-mail Management

E-mail Management

Responding to emails sent by customers or sending emails to them is a crucial part of any business. Presently, email has already become a means of establishing communication to customers and vice versa.

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Although communication made via phones are advantageous, there are still some aspects when this form of medium is beneficial to use. One good example is when intricate instructions are involved. There are instances that communication with customers must be presented clearly. This way, they can understand these words completely. That’s one of the benefits of using emails. It also eliminates the telecommunication charges. More importantly, this communication medium allows you to expand your reach to people. This medium eliminates the risk of miscommunication since messages are typically delivered in a clear and straightforward manner.

aq_block_1-Live Chat

Live Chat

There are people who prefer more to use live chat features to communicate with a business. Did your business already cover that? If not, it is time that you do to ensure every one of your customer’s satisfaction when it comes to the availability of support they need.

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With a live chat support in place, you also benefit from reduced telecommunication charges. This form of communication with customers also enables holding multiple sessions with a number of customers at a time. Do you want to have an available chat support to help in reaching your customers? TeleNile LLC can help you with that since our live chat services covers all chat channels like Live Chat, Web Live Customer Service, Web Live Technical and Web Live Reception



Quick accessibility is crucial for a business’ success. Access to such resources is important for it is how sound and effective decisions are made. Without easy access to these resources, a lot will be compromised in a business. In order to get a quick access to data, the management of the resources must also be efficient.

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We are here to provide you with the data management services that companies require. Through our services, you are guaranteed that you have all the access on the right data that your team needs. Our data management services are delivered to help maximize the use of your data. We achieve this end-result by making use of the best standards-based practices only, access and discovery solutions and quality control measures. With streamlined data, you also gain the benefit of increased accuracy and reliability of volumes data. From descriptive analytics, you will be able to perform predictive analytics. There are more benefits to enjoy.


Why TeleNile

We primarily have the customers in our minds when we work and not mainly on technology. We drive decisions while paying attention to our priorities via user groups, feedback loops, and more. TeleNile provides ideal solutions that will surely fall in your budget to help you manage your business efficiently.
TeleNile guarantees that our solutions are perfectly based on your business requirements to help you meet your goals. With ultimate upgradability, scalability, and flexibility, you get affordable solutions that are very efficient. We will help you keep up with the ever evolving technology.
In fact, the extensiveness of our experience and expertise will provide you with more options to make informed investment and business decisions without hassles. With our mobility and application choices, you can make your employees even more productive.
With our specialized and highly experienced team, TeleNile is the best solution for your business needs. We cater to our clients’ specific requirements no matter where they are in the world. We make sure to provide cost effective services to meet your needs in a timely and more convenient manner.

Our Journal

Chart 01
May 26, 2015

Graduating Talents in English and Western European languages in several majors

May 26, 2015

About COPC

Creating High-performing Customer Operations Throughout the World COPC Inc. is a global consulting, training and certification company that helps organizations improve revenue, reduce  costs, and…

May 26, 2015

COPC OSP Standard

Guidelines for the Outsourced Contact Center When managing the outsourced contact center, you must ensure satisfaction with your client and…

Chart 2
May 26, 2015

Egypt’s large graduating talent pool has multilingual spikes in English and Western European languages

May 26, 2015

Egypt’s strategic location allows easy access and connectivity to several international submarine cables

Primary internet backbone between South East Asia, India, Middle East, and Europe passes through Egypt Route of SEA-ME-WE 4 cable…

May 26, 2015

Egypt ranks as one of the top five outsourcing destinations by worldwide rankings and Associations

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